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es. don't be afraid to go outside the lines guys. ♪ . this is fox 5 sports extra. [ music ] >> good evening, thanks for joining us tonight for sports extra. i'm lindsay murphy. coming up the nationals and orioles both struggle. for jason more of the same with his new team the oakland raiders. a look at today's nfc east action. start with the red skins who right now hold a 28-10. the lone td came from dangelo hall on a fumble return. meanwhile today on fox the nfc east double header. and a chance to look at the eagles and giants. they went 0-6 in the division
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last year. the phillies opening up at home against the packers. a tough opener for new qb hall was taken down hard by clay matthews. he would have to leave the game diagnosed with a concussion. enter michael vick. eagles down 20-3 in the third. first and ten and the blitz is coming. and look at this vintage vick he gets out of trouble and on the move a31-yard green to the green bay two hits set up a td to bring the eagles to within ten. later in the third packers still un ten. aaron rogers hooks up with greg jennings a beautiful pass. beautiful 32-yard td. green bay is up 27-10. we move two minutes left in this game eagles down 7 with the 4th and one. vick is tough. the packers defense hold him and hold on to the win. green bay's first win in philly since 1962. >> i was proud of the way the guys finished. you know, it ended upcoming right down to that last drive.
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you know, doggone, one yard and they were still moving that thing and putting it in and playing some overtime. >> ultimately i believe in myself and i believe in the players around me. you know, everybody's ability. so you know, i trust the system. and i just knew we had to keep fighting. and that was the most important thing. fireman justin tuck and the giants host the panthers. in the first regular season game at the new meadowlands stadium. first quarter the d man down 3- 0. manning a pump fake and he launches it. and he hauls in the 26 pass. giants up 7-3. under a minute to play in the half new york down 9-7 manning again hooks up with nick. a 19-yard score. the g-men go up 14-9. but carolina comes back. less than ten seconds left in the half matt morris down the middle to steve smith for the 19-yard td and carolina leads 16-14 at the half. so we move to the third quarter. giants up 17-16. and you've seen this before. you could have written this
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one. nicks gets his third goal of the day. only four catches on the day. three of thousands are tds. the giants win 31-18. >> with a brand new stadium. the crowd and everybody here, you want to go out there and play well. definitely to start the season, you have to start 1-0. with a new brand new stadium it is very important for us to come out and get a win. and i thought that, you know, we did a good job. we fought through, you know, some things early on in the game. we stayed positive. we stayed confident. we fought through and made some great plays. let's see how eli's big brother did. the red skins opponents the texans are hosting the colts in houston. second quarter the colts trail 13-0. manning to wayne in the back of the end-zone for 14 yards and the td. colts trail 13-10 at the half. manning by the way 14-57. 433 yards. and the texans counter. that is running-back aaron foxer in the fourth who gets a
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23-yard td. texans are up 27-10. later in the fourth texans up 10. foster would go untouched eight yards for his third score of the day. foster runs for a franchise record 233 yards. texans beat the colts 34-24. houston is now 2-15 all-time against indianapolis. mike tomlin and the steelers hosting the falcons without ben rothsburger serving the first game of his suspension. the final game is 9-9. they could win it with this 30-yard field goal but wide right and no good. reid 3-5 on field goal attempts. so we head into overtime. 2:30 no ot he takes the handoff and gets passed the d line and off to the races 50 yards. that would be the game winning score. the steelers defeat the falcons 15-9 in overtime. pittsburgh has one eight straight season openers. that is the longest current streak in the nfl. former red skins quarterback jason campbell making his raider debut on the
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road against the tennessee titans. we start in the second quarter. the raiders are 7-3 . the titans recover. tough day for jason. he was sacked a total of four times. in the third quarter titans lead 17-3. chris johnson rushed for over 2,000 yards last season makes a nice move. you know what, we are not going to get him. breaks into the clear. nobody will catch him. the fastest guy in the nfl goes 76 yards for the td. johnson rushes for 142 yards. probably the number one pick in any fantasy draft. the titans pounded the raiders 38-13. we need to take a quick break in the show. but when we return, can the nationals reel in the fish? not by the looks of it. but temporary trying to avoid the sweep. highlights coming up next. 
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. this is fox 5 sports extra. >> welcome back. the nationals have already guaranteed themselves a losing season. so now it's all about lessening the damage and trying to avoid a sweep by the marlins. a them that have this their number all season long. zimmerman tries to pick off and goes off adam kennedy into right-field. they score and the marlins take the 3-0 lead. bottom of the second rodriguez with the bases loaded comes through with a nice base hit to
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left field. adam dunne scores followed by a speedy michael morris. the second homerun of the game this one the two run shot. they are swept by the marlins 6- 5. they go 5-13 year against florida. after the game the manager held a team meeting voicing his displeasure at the lack of effort. >> if you are an elite team in baseball, you can have a day where the energy level is not where today. and it kind of goes under the radar. but it don't go under the rare car when you have lost 100 for a couple of years in a row. we are going to figure out who the keepers are and figure out who is going to be a part of this club in the future that is going to help us get out of these doll drums. >> orioles 6-2 in their last games. a rubber match pitch to right center. the first career triple for fox
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and the os tie this game up 1- 1. to the 8th os are the 2-1 lead. cabrera are a goes with the double. and the tigers win 6-2. the final round of the bmw championship, tiger woods is putting for par on the 7th hole. and he burns the right edge right there. tiger with a one under 70 today would finish one under par. he is eliminated from the fed desk playoffs. tiger's playing partner today phil mickelson with the march 511 approach. watch this ball. it lands on the green and spins on the edge of the cub so close but it would settle three feet from the pin. mickelson finishes at four under and is 10th in the fedex cup standings. ricky fowler knee-deep in water soaking wet hitting his shot on 18. he bogies the hole and finish one spot outside of the fedex top 30 and just missed the cut. meanwhile dustin johnson on 18 tapped in for card to finish 9 under and win the bmw
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championship by one stroke over paul casey. second behind in the fedex cup standings. the tour championship begins september 23rd. we need another time out. manning has been a one-man wrecking crew but will he be able to help the u.s. win the title?   .  >> we have the best team bringing you the latest information you need to hear. >> this is brought to you by navy federal credit union. learn more at s in the lines on our faces, the curls of our smiles, and the joy in our eyes. and during those journeys, throughout our service and around the world, as we buy cars, finance homes d live our lives, navy federal is there. for over 75 years, they've been there. and bring our city together.
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. >> welcome back. kevin durant is leading the u.s. in the final. derek rose to durant and the christian hits the three. one of seven trays on the day. u.s. is up 35-42. next possession for team america push it up and give it to who else, durant who nailed the pull up three. he finished with 38 points and named tournament many mvp. he shared a hug with the coach who finally gets his world title. the u.s. wins 81-64. it is the first world championship since 1994. and that win qualifies the team for the 2012 olympics. and one really quick update. the red skins are leading now the score is 13-7 with less than a minute to go. that is all the time we have for tonight's show. thank you for joining us and letting us be a part of your weekend. thank you rich gun and heather schwartz. have a good night, everybody.

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